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The NHS experienced a cyber-attack on 12th May 2017.

Be Cyber Aware


May 2017

Not only did this alarm the nation, but 150 other countries also, causing havoc that lasted for seven days. The unprecedented attack froze NHS computers, meaning they were out of use, putting many patients lives at risk. The hackers even threatened to delete files unless a ransom was paid.

The NHS were vulnerable to “the biggest ransomware outbreak in history” by what many suspect was the recipient simply opening an attachment that released malware onto their system. A process as simple and as easy as this destroyed a system so quickly, costing the NHS an extortionate amount to restore and recover from.

It is not just the NHS that has been targeted. It was estimated that up to 46% of UK companies suffered a cyber-attack or a breach to computer systems last year, compared to just 24% in 2015. A cyber threat is very real and on the rise.

It is imperative to understand that cyber-attacks are extremely common and businesses, regardless of size, need to take precautions. This is particularly important if your business relies heavily on IT systems, websites and online payment or filing systems. Your business’ vulnerability can be minimised by having an effective insurance policy in place.

We have handpicked Specialist Insurance Brokers who have experience and knowledge in mitigating cyber risks from businesses of all industries and sizes. They gain a thorough understanding of how your business operates to identify the risks it faces and then focuses on alleviating them. A wide range of risks can be covered, including: business interruption, theft, loss of income, damage, reputation management, and lost/corrupted files.

"Be cyber smart with a specialist cyber insurance policy."