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Coronavirus lockdowns across the world and the consequential increase

App Developers’ Insurance Can Support Lockdown App Creation Opportunities

Apr 2020

Coronavirus lockdowns across the world and the consequential increase in internet usage and searches for ‘things to do’ are creating significant opportunities for App developers, if they can produce the right content and gain acceptance by Apple and Google Play.

The media is reporting massive uplifts in web traffic and App usage. Usage of the application WhatsApp has increased 40% during lockdown, whilst web browsing is up 70% and social media usage up by 61%.[1]

Virgin Media has reported that UK internet usage has doubled during the daytime, whilst hunger for things to pass the time is evidenced in the fact that both Netflix and YouTube have had to limit their video stream bitrates, to cope with the demand.[2]

It is the drive to find things to pass the time that presents a real opportunity for App developers.  The public are searching for everything from online guitar lessons to language study and want to be occupied doing something fun, useful or challenging.  Parents are seeking ways to home-school their children and are turning to online resources, to try to do that.  Whether an App is engaging, informative, fun to play, educational or a means to virtually connect with friends who wish to challenge you in a game, there is a golden opportunity for those with App developer skills.

What Apple has clamped down on, however, are coronavirus-themed games, banned by the technology giant in mid-March[3]. Content on this theme will only be allowed into the App store if it is supplied within an App created for a credible source, such as a Government organisation or a company “deeply credentialled” in health issues.  If a credible App is supplied, Apple has offered to waive membership fees for non-profit organisations and Government agencies.

With such a boom in demand for online collateral, App developers have a bright future at present and the means to carry on their virtual businesses.

What they may lack, however, is the insurance back-up that all App developers should consider.  This includes Professional Indemnity protection, in case their professional work causes an issue that leads to them being sued, and legal expenses cover, which could cover the cost of legal cases such as copyright infringements.

Cyber insurance is another highly relevant cover and, if a developer has an office and computer equipment within it, they should also protect their assets with business contents cover.  If working from home, checking that any such equipment would be covered on a home insurance policy is also vital as, if it is not, an insurance claim could be declined.

If you need help with the insurance safety net that can keep you protected as you develop the next big thing in Apps, or respond to the consumer need for entertainment and learning, find a broker who can assist you, by using our ‘Find a Local Broker’ 







Each applicable policy of insurance must be reviewed to determine the extent, if any, of coverage for COVID-19. Coverage may vary depending on the jurisdiction and circumstances. For global client programs it is critical to consider all local operations and how policies may or may not include COVID-19 coverage.

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