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A Plymouth student, who was a patient in an operation which went tragically awry

Seven-Figure Medical Compensation Case Shows the Need for Robust Healthcare Insurance

Apr 2020

A Plymouth student, who was a patient in an operation which went tragically awry when surgeons operated on the wrong vertebrae, has been awarded a seven-figure sum in a liability settlement.[1]

The case of this patient, who is now paraplegic following neurosurgery that resulted in his serious spinal injury, serves to prove how medical professionals must have the right insurance in place.

The patient has been compensated for the psychological damage he has suffered, as well as the physical, with the sum awarded also taking into account his ongoing requirements for intensive treatment and rehabilitation and the costs associated with his need for single storey living accommodation and other domestic lifestyle adaptations.

The solicitors who represented the patient in this case, Chris Kallis Solicitors, say that medical negligence is “sadly a fact of modern life.”  Across all the personal injury cases they handle, they say that medical negligence is a factor in 40%, whereas four to five years ago it was only 10%.

The reason they cite for this is the increased pressure being faced by clinicians. It is said that such stresses can result in very catastrophic cases.

The sad case highlights the need for medical professionals to be very careful when it comes to their own medical insurance protection. Whilst some medical negligence cases might be settled by a hospital, clinic or care provider’s insurance policy, others may be passed on to the individual’s insurer to settle, assuming an insurance policy is in place.

This area of insurance can be a complex one and is often best handled by an insurance broker who specialises in this particular field.  With increased pressure on all aspects of care in the modern-day world, it is vital that all professionals review their cover and that all care and treatment establishments, be they private clinics, dental, physiotherapy or doctors’ surgeries, or care and nursing homes, do the same.  This list is not exhaustive and can be extended to anyone in the medical or cosmetic and aesthetic surgery world.

Finding a specialist medical insurance broker can help take a weight off the mind and also ensure that a patient can receive the best possible care should something go wrong, by making a claim that can go some way towards making life easier.  Mistakes and errors of judgement do, unfortunately, happen. 

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